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E-Commerce Website Development

In this COVID-19 period, the World has changed rigorously. The way shopping habit changed, eCommerce website gets more priority than before. At Bharati Technologies, an eCommerce website development company in Kolkata we understand the need of our customers and deliver outstanding results to our customers.

Who is coming to the eCommerce website platform?

The number one is the offline business owner. Those who run an offline store in a particular locality and scale up their business to high must join this platform.

The second one is for those who have a Facebook page or using any readymade eCommerce platform they can convert their business to a fully functional eCommerce website.

And the third one is for the owner of many business types which is not allowed to register as a seller in any online popular platform they can build an eCommerce website.

ecommerce website development company in kolkataWhat are the benefits of using a custom eCommerce website than any readymade online store?

There are lots of differences between using a custom eCommerce website rather than any readymade online store. Here are the lists of disadvantages for using a readymade online store:

  • Any kind of readymade eCommerce website offer you prebuild layout. There are very few cases that exist where you can customize the layout according to your need.
  • They are costlier. If you want any additional services like tracking and analysis, template change or introduce more than one payment gateway they charge you separately.
  • This kind of website is not very SEO-friendly. First of all, you may not get a separate domain. If you want to get this you may pay extra. Then from an SEO perspective, this kind of website is not very worthy. They are taking lots of time to rank any keyword or product category.
  • Bad user experience. User experience takes an important role in converting your visitor to paying customer. As you have no option to enhance the user experience so you will be suffering from this.
  • Selling Charge. In most cases, the platform charges you against your sales. Amazon is charging 7% to 20% according to the product category. In some cases, courier charges are also deducted from the seller account. So, on the whole, you will be losing the profit.

Now here are the benefits of using a custom eCommerce website:

  • You will get your custom domain. This type of domain can help you to create your online brands and help you a lot in SEO purposes.
  • You can increase the user experience. As you know user experience takes an important role in buying decisions, can you use the custom layout for your website to enhance the user experience.
  • You will get a fully mobile-optimized website. We know there are millions of users coming from a mobile platform. So creating a mobile-friendly website is not only demanding it is also necessary nowadays.
  • You can integrate various payment gateway options. At Bharati Technologies, an eCommerce website development company in Kolkata, we can create a simple checkout option for our eCommerce website.
  • You can use various types of analytics and tracking methods for your website./ This data will help you figure out the faults and make the change according to them. This data gives you a total
  • overview of your website performance and website traffic.
  • Custom eCommerce website is no doubt very SEO friendly. With the help of a good SEO service provider, you can rank products, product categories, and also increase overall ranking factors in Google.
  • Another good point for building a custom eCommerce website that it is very cost-effective. In the beginning, you will pay for website development charges but from the next year, you just pay only domain, hosting charges.
  • You can easily enhance your website design, development, and SEO according to your requirement. There is no binding for your future enhancement.
  • You can control the total system of your website. You can generate various types of reports, you can track product delivery status, you can manage return options of the product. So you scale, update and monitor every aspect of your website.
  • You can easily increase customer retention and customer engagement. With the help of email marketing, SMS marketing, and other marketing technique you can scale up the number of returning visitors.

What will be the cost of an eCommerce Website in 2021?

The cost of an eCommerce website depends on the following matters:

Domain Name: Purchasing a domain name is compulsory for any type of customized website. The cost of a domain name varies from ₹600 to ₹800 depending on the service provider. If you purchase a domain for more than a year it will charge less. Among many other domain selling companies, we recommend for purchasing any new domain.

Hosting: Hosting means a server space where you put all your website files in it. For development, you should consider a good hosting plan. Because you need more space and server speed. You may opt-in for any cloud-based server. As space and speed are considered you may purchase It generally charges ₹800 per month depending on their plans.

Layout: When talking about a custom eCommerce website, layout design takes an important place in the user experience view. Generally, the home page or index page is getting more prioritized in the case of custom design. Creating an attractive home page is a little bit costly but it is a one-time investment.

Functionality: The main point for costing depends on the number of functionality. There are lots of functionality involved in an eCommerce website. But some basic functionalities are payment gateway integration, full eCommerce functionality implementation, etc… Depending on the size of the business, the number of products involved, geograh3phical activities of the business, etc… are the main deciding factors for the functionality. At Bharati Technologies, an eCommerce website development company in Kolkata, we analyze and recommend the business owner the very specific functionality for a startup of the eCommerce website.

Content Creation: At the time of development we create content for some of the pages. Because this content will fit in your website’s home page, it will help the user experience side by side it will also help the website SEO in Google search results.

Maintenance & Supports: At Bharati Technologies, an eCommerce website development company in Kolkata we provide few months of free maintenance according to the project agreements. After that, you may tie with us for a maintenance and support agreement with an additional charge.

SEO: eCommerce industry is booming. eCommerce industry anticipates a 265% growth rate. So it is undoubtedly said proper SEO is obvious for the success of an eCommerce website. Otherwise, you will not stand out in the crowd of the eCommerce industry.

Now the main question is in your mind that what will be the ultimate cost of building an eCommerce website. It will vary.

Bharati Technologies, an eCommerce website development company in Kolkata, initially charged ₹10,000/- for an eCommerce website creation (depending on project requirements, not include SEO packages).

Our Work Process:

Gathering Information: Now if you think to build an eCommerce website by us we generally follow the steps:
Gathering information: Before starting any work we like to gather information. We will arrange a meeting with you about this. If it is not clear in a meeting we may meet with you or call you until everything goes clear. We need to know the following:
a. Name of the business
b. Nature of business
c. Do you have any Facebook pages?
d. Do you have any existing websites?
e. What features or functionality do you want to include?
f. What is the budget for your eCommerce website development?

That’s not all… we may ask many other questions until and unless we get a picture of your future website.

Planning for a website: After gathering all the relevant information we will plan for your website. If you have a monetization problem then we may divide work into a different phase. We may suggest come with some cost-effective methods for building this website. We also analyze your competitor’s website. Our planning involves purchasing a domain to live the website and so on.

Layout Design: Now coming to the layout design we generally design the home page layout for our client. We always keep in mind that the layout should be meet the purpose of the user experience. The layout should be eye-catchy, smooth, and

mobile-friendly: After confirmation from the client, we gradually start coding over this approved layout.

Content Writing: At the time of layout design we feed layout with relevant content for this page or pages. Because in most of the cases we found that after design or development of the layout when the time arises to fill the layout with content then layout becomes smudged. So we generally start with content writing at least for the home page. Our content is riched with relevant keywords and that should help the website for a better seo score from the very beginning. If the client satisfies with the content then we may proceed with other page and product description content against some extra cost.

Coding: Now after layout design and content writing we start eCommerce coding. Based on the project planning we start with that. It takes more time than layout design, content writing.

Data Security: After the coding phase we assure our client that the website is fully secured and the data stored on this website is fully secured. Because eCommerce stores have filled with client’s data and many valuable data. To secure a website from the point of data security is very very essential today.

Testing & Debugging: After making all the coding the project shifted to our professional testing team. They test the project thoroughly and after getting confirmation we live the project.

Maintenance & Supports: We generally offer free support for a limited period. This support includes only any type of coding debugging. Content uploads, product uploads are not covering with this support. If the client is a newbie in the eCommerce industry then we provide a ‘tutorial video’ for how to upload products, how to create a category, how to tag a product etc… After if our client needs continuous support for product upload or site maintenance then we offer ‘AMC packages’ to our client. Remember the AMC packages do not include website structure modification, implement any new functionality or introduce any new page-like services.

SEO: There are too many websites are selling the same type of products. So in this competitive sector stands your website in crowds is very much essential for your website success. So if you are serious about your eCommerce website then investing in SEO is not only an investment it will prove to be future assets. Our SEO services include analysis and tracking the website traffic data depending on various tools and methods, creating content with specific keywords, rank the category and product page accordingly, solve the website canonical issues, make changes for on-page optimization, cover all the points related to technical seo, star content marketing, enhanced local seo and so on. An eCommerce website has a huge number of products. So SEO of eCommerce websites is time-consuming and expensive. The more products and categories involved in the website the SEO task will be increasing.

What client is getting from us if they developed an eCommerce website?

The following things they generally getting at the end of a successful eCommerce project:

  • A fully functional eCommerce website.
  • Payment Gateway Integration.
  • Easy checkout process.
  • Best user experience-based website.
  • Shipping and delivery option.
  • Product inventory option.
  • A blog page for SEO purposes.
  • Newsletter integration.
  • Analytics and tracking integration.
  • live chat integration.
  • Different kind of website security – server security, data backup, data encryption, daily vulnerability scan
    Pixel perfect design.
  • Free support for a limited period.

At Bharati Technologies, an eCommerce website development company in Kolkata we are always committed to our clients to deliver the best product including your budget.

In few cases, we see the client has a fund problem. So we break the development phases into the different segments and help the client to launch the website. If they have a low budget we suggest them commercial eCommerce themes.

Commercial themes are a cost-effective and good start in the low-budget range. We provide the licensed commercial theme and integrate all the functionality according to it. Side by side we always offer some paid plugins with this packages.

So don’t get worried about the budget. Contact us now and we will solve every problem for creating an eCommerce website. Bharati Technologies are serving in this industry for more than 10 years. So don’t worried about expertise and quality.

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