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Website Design Services

Logo Design

Logo is symbol of any brand. We can create amazing logo for your brand which will help you to stand in the crowd.

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Banner Design

Banner design is about making
the most attractive, click-worthy banner
ads possible.

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Landing Page Design

An effective landing page layout
makes use of eye-catching graphics and bold color.

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Are you really want to move your business to an online marketplace? Then Bharati Technologies, best Website Design Company in Kolkata help and supports you establish your brand online. Our professional approach will definitely help your website to get more customer engagement.

Apart from website design, we are also providing digital marketing services to our clients. So don’t get confused…. Read the article till the end. It will definitely help you get an idea about how a website design service will help you.

As a top website design company in Kolkata, our experienced team will develop a smart and attractive website that will grab the attention of the viewer.

Bharati Technologies, best Website Design Company in Kolkata a wide range of services like website design, website development, digital marketing, mobile app development, SEO services, e-commerce solutions, etc…

As a renowned website design company in Kolkata, we provide cost-effectively and result-driven website services. We help our clients to stand in the competition and win the competition.

Bharati Technologies, which is a professional web design company in Kolkata our main focus is to generate more sales for our clients. We are not only creating an eye-catchy, high-quality website but also help our customers get more leads. So that relation between customer and Bharati Technologies has established for a long.

Website Design Services: Our Work Process


First of all, when customers approaching us we will suggest which online platform better for their business. Depending on their needs and budget we set the plans for their online introduction. If they can afford to create a website then Bharati Technologies, best Website Design Company in Kolkata make a strategy for their online business.

Selecting the Domain Name:

First, the most important thing for your website is a domain name. The domain is like a postal address where all the information about your business is available. As the best digital marketing services provider in Kolkata, we help our customer to choose a perfect domain name. Remember the domain will renew in every year.

Choose a Hosting Plan:

Hosting is a website store place where all the data of your website will be store. You can purchase hosting from any renowned hosting service provider on a monthly or yearly basis. As a client of Bharati Technologies, you will get free suggestion and help for purchasing a hosting plan.

Competitor Analysis:

Every business has its own competition. Without competition the word ‘success’ is immaterial. Before creating your website Bharati Technologies make a detailed analysis of your competitor. This will help you to know their policy and based on that you can formulate your online marketing plan.

Creating a Website:

There is various type of website. Our team of professional website developer try to understand which kind of website is the best fit for your business. After that, they will create your website and deliver your on-time.

For Bharati Technologies which offers website design services in Kolkata, it is compulsory to deliver you responsive website or mobile-friendly website. Because more than 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices. We deliver a responsive website to every client and it is our practice.

Bharati Technologies using the most advanced and best technique to develop an e-Commerce Website. Those who are dealing with physical products they can get more benefits.
They can easily overcome geographical barriers and sell their product around the world.

After using our top quality services the customer gets the best ROI (return on investment) and we gain the reputation as the most successful and professional web design company in Kolkata.

Bharati Technologies, a Web Design and Development Company in Kolkata has vast knowledge about creating an eye-catchy Corporate Website. We successfully create a corporate website for service sector clients. By using the most advanced seo techniques we can increase their conversion rate.

As a leading Digital Marketing service in Kolkata, Bharati Technologies helps the customer to generate results from the Google Ads campaign. We are creating a professional landing page for our clients to generate leads and convert your visitors to paying customers.

Digital Marketing:

After creating the website we help our clients start promoting their website on the various online platform. We guide them on how to create Google My Business.

You can also read this article ‘How to get the highest benefits from Google My Business in 2020’ for more information about Google My Business (GMB).

Then we can help our customers creating profiles on various social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc…

After that, we can connect their site with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. So that they can see the traffic and other SEO metrics for their site.

If it is a service site or product-oriented site they should do SEO for at least 3 months. This will help them to rank their site organically.

Thus for affordable web design and development services in Kolkata, you can easily Get in Touch with us. We are one of the best web design services company and providing best services to our client in the same time fullfilling the expectatin of our clients in the best professional manner.

Bharati Technologies Services

Web Design

We can create customize, mobile friendly , dynamic website for your business. It will be a perfect showcase of your business.

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Web Development

Apart from Digital Marketing Service, we are ready to develop your online application. We are best digital marketing service providers in India.

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SEO / Digital Marketing

We help your business to rank organically in Google and other search engines. That will also increase your sales and traffic for your business.

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