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If you are running a hotel business then you must need a website. But do you know how you can select the best hotel website design? Don’t worry I will guide you.

If you search on Google you will find there are lots of articles include. But basically, they show you a showcase of different designs or themes. But before selecting any theme for your hotel website you should aware of the basic requirements of designs.

In this article, I will guide you in selecting a perfect eye-catchy theme for your hotel website.

Before moving forward I assume that you have already purchased a domain name and hosted the domain in any good hosting service provider’s account. 

Now deep down to the main topics…

Creating a website is not so big a deal today. If you search on Google for the best hotel website design you will find lots of examples of hotel website designs or templates.

But do you know which one is the best fit for your business?

Here are the things you should remember while choosing the best hotel website design:

The design should be responsive: 

Responsive means it will fit in mobile and tablet devices as well as laptop devices also.

 A study shows that 420.7 million users present on mobile in 2019 and the number will increase day by day in an obvious manner. 

So check the design carefully whether it is properly loaded on your mobile device or not. 

Don’t believe in their words. Just open the design ‘demo link’ on your mobile device and check this rigorously. 

The design should load fast on every device: 

Loading time is also a matter. If your website takes too much time to load the content then you will lose some users. 

The standard loading time for a website is 2 to 5 seconds. 

So how do you know what is the exact loading time for your design? 

Just put the demo design link in Google Page Speed Insights or If the loading time is within the time span then think about it. 

Booking Calendar:

You must know that if anyone comes to your website they may want to book a room for a certain time period. 

So if your design has a booking calendar option that would be great. 

After purchasing and properly configure the design, set a test booking amount and make payment through your cards. 

After that, check whether this amount comes to your bank account or not. 

Also, remember one thing that if you have already tie-ups with some online booking platforms like,, etc..  then update the availability options. 

Because if someone book your room and after that, he/she came to know that this room is already sold out on different platforms then it will lose your reputation. 


If you collect some testimonials and post this in your website that will be great for your business reputations. 

When someone checkout from your hotel asks them to put their honest review on your hotel website. 

You can use the ‘Google My Business’ review for this. So include a testimonials section is obvious when you selecting the best hotel website design.

Pricing Table:

Choose a design where you can put pricing information. 

If your hotel is situated beside the sea then include one column for sea-facing rooms and another column for non-sea-facing rooms. 

Also, add some warning messages at the bottom of this table where you can mention some basic terms and conditions. 

Update this pricing table occasionally. If the pricing table became unchanged in festive seasons then you lost some clients as well as reputations.


Pictures tell many words. 

When choosing the best hotel website design, choose a design that has a beautiful gallery option on the home page or any particular gallery page. 

On this page, you can also attach some interior and exterior pictures of hotels.

Contact Details:

Find a design for your hotel which has a section on the home page where you can put your contact details. 

Contact details section should include your name, phone number, address, email id, and any city booking office details. 

Google Map Section:

You should include a Google Map section of your hotel. So that guests can easily find out the exact locations of your hotel. 

These are the very basic things that should include in this design. So based on the above recommendation here is the wire-frame for a perfect hotel website design.

best hotel website design

Now if you want to create the best hotel website design then this question should come to your mind that –

How do I create a website for a hotel?

There are two ways to create a website for a hotel. 

  1. Install a WordPress hotel theme from your hosting admin panel. Fill in the information. Make your website live.
  2. Install a general WordPress theme. Then install any good page builders like Divi page builders, elementor page builders, etc.. and create a customize hotel website as per your requirements and live your website.

Now if you go with the option:1 then here is the list of 5 Best hotel websites 2020 which you can start with:

Hotel Website Design Templates

  1. Augustine – Hotel Booking Theme – 

This theme is fully elementor page builders compatible. This is the best theme for spa and resort websites. Comes with a fully functional hotel booking model.

Regular License Price: $79

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  1. Hotel Booking –

Booking systems with advanced payment module, hotel reservation view with calendar view, dedicated page for hotels.

Regular License Price: $54

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  1. Hotel Zante –

4+ stunning hotel & resorts layouts, integrated hotel booking, and reservation system.

Regular License Price: $64

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  1. Hotel Booking WordPress –

Attractive 10 demos for hotel and resorts layout, a complete hotel booking system with seasonal pricing, worldwide payment gateways for hotel booking system.

Regular License Price: $64

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  1. Hotel WP Theme –

Hotel booking systems, hotel theme for booking, and hotel room and price managers.

Regular License Price: $59

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These are the theme which you can use when creating a hotel website. 

Now the next question is that –

What should a hotel website include?

30 Things a Hotel Website Have:

  1. A domain name: The name should include top-level domain extensions like .com, .in and it should easy to remember.
  2. Easy navigation: Navigation menu should include home page, place name page, room tariff page, gallery page, testimonials page, about us page, contact us page, terms & conditions page, and a career page.
  3. Fast Loading: Hotel website should load fast on mobile.
  4. Booking Calendar: A booking calendar page.
  5. Gallery Section: In the home page should have a gallery section.
  6. Testimonials Section: Where existing clients put their testimonials.
  7. Packages Section: A section where tourists can book a total of packages.
  8. Simple website structure.
  9. Good quality of images for the hotel plus videography of the inside of hotels.
  10. Offers and discount sections. 
  11. Online chat options for booking queries.
  12. List of attractions for this place.
  13. Google Map Location this property.
  14. Social Sharing Options.
  15. The tariff page should include different types of tariffs. Like sea-facing or non-sea facing, ac or non-ac accommodation, Indian style, booking with complimentary breakfast or not, etc…
  16. The contact section on the home page or separate contact page has all relevant information for contact the hotel. 
  17. A section where it is clearly stated that whether pets are entertained or not.
  18. Information about – apart from room booking hotel has a hall room which can be used for conferences or private parties. 
  19. Information about whether this hotel includes an amusement park for children or not.
  20. Is the hotel has equipped with senior citizens or disable persons or not. If yes then there should a lift in the hotel and a wheelchair can be accessible or not.
  21. Information about precautions and sanitation procedures for the recent COVID-19 situations.
  22. Doctor on call facility available or not.
  23. Details information about hotel amenities.
  24. Details information about room facilities.
  25. If the hotel has a restaurant then details about the restaurant’s menu. 
  26. Information about hotel includes any Bar or not.
  27. Information about the hotel includes any spa facility or not. If the answer is yes then the charges and booking procedure information.
  28. Which card or payment gateways are accepted in the hotel.
  29. Whether this hotel website is secure or not. That means you can securely book the hotel through the payment gateway or not.
  30. About us, the page should include the history of this hotel and the proprietor’s details for creating trust.

Now I hope you have got a clear understanding of what a hotel website has, what will be the best theme for a hotel website. 

But if you want any custom design for your hotel website then it is not possible for everyone to create a fully functional website. So what’s next?

You need a professional agency to built a website according to your requirements. 

Now you start searching in Google about-

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Conclusions: I hope after reading the article you will get a clear overview that how to create best hotel website design, essential parts for hotel website design, list of some recommended themes and our services regarding creating a hotel website design.