How To Do SEO For Business Website

If you want to do SEO for business website then this article definitely helps you. 

Because doing SEO for a business website is not so easy today. Rather it is easy to rank a blogging website with some particular keywords.

Some renowned institutes teach the students about the basics of SEO rather than industry-specific SEO. 

If any body’s target will do seo for service website so they must learn some specific area in SEO. 

Side by side if anyone like to become a successful blogger or affiliate marketer then he should point out some other parts of SEO.

So it is undoubtedly said that you should learn those parameters in SEO for a business website that will help in your future move.

What are the traffic source of a website?


Now coming to the point ‘seo for business website’, generally a business will get traffic from three sources. Number one is Organic Traffic.

This is the section where users come from Google search against some specific query and landed on your website.

The second part is Direct Traffic

This is for those users who know your website. They come to your website directly and looking for products and services on your website.

The third part is Social Traffic.

Where traffic source is driven from any social media platform. If your business properly optimized in different social media platform and users regularly make engagement with your social media accounts then a business will get a good amount of social media traffic.

The main point is that the traffic source from the different sources must be equal (see the above picture).

SEO means get organic traffic. Those who think or depend only in paid traffic maybe don’t know the what is the importance of SEO. 

Another point is that SEO doesnot means making thousands and thousands of backlinks.

Some Bad Types of Backlinks practices are:

  1. Expired Domain
  2. Imbalanced Backlinks
  3. Discounted Backlinks 
  4. Unrelated Event Links
  5. Misleading Links
  6. Blog Comments
  7. Press Release
  8. Free Themes & Widgets
  9. Forum Post
  10. Youtube Comment

The main role of seo includes analyzing a full website then optimize the website for the user, side by side properly optimized the website for search engine also.

So organic traffic is the basic and most important key factor for ‘SEO for business website’.

Side by side a seo professional should concern about when a direct traffic or user come to any business website will they get the required information or not.

If the user or traffic does not get the required information they will leave the website and it will increase the bounce rate of your website and make a poor impact on Google ranking factors.

Similarly when a traffic comes from social media platform beware that the social media profile has a proper OG or Twitter tag, proper image size so that it can see whenever anyone shares your website post with others with proper title and proper description. 

If as an SEO professional if you want to rank your website in a particular buying keyword so that it is proven that you are concentrating only one part of SEO. So it is important to focus on the other two traffic sources equally.

In the SEO phenomenon, Direct Traffic will build the brand and Social Traffic increase the brand’s popularity. 

So whenever you want to sell any product or services you should create a brand simultaneously you promote your brand to increase brand popularity.

If you do SEO for business website without branded traffic or social media traffic then you will loose many loyal costumes as well.

Remember every businessman and marketer knows that repeat customer is the best source of business. 

A loyal customer will make the sale without making too many marketing efforts, a loyal customer will make word campaigning in his/her surrounds and finally loyal customer is best rather than 5 new customer.

So whenever you do SEO for a business website keep equal importance on Organic, Direct, and Referral Traffic. Now the question arise,

Why you should increase Organic Traffic?


We all know writing effective content and making backlinks is an important part of SEO. 

But content planning is a very important factor. A SEO professional should plan what type of content they should publish in a blog of a business website.

But in most cases, the SEO professional only target buying keyword and create the content according to that.

If you consider the buyer journey module then we must understand that 50% of the buyer journey include interest phase. 35% sections involve with research phase and remaining 15% include purchasing phase.

If any SEO professional do keyword research, content creation, website optimization, and backlink creation only for the sale of a product or services then he is only in the 15-20% phase. He/she just neglects the remaining part. 

If any SEO professional give importance in first two stages they generally perform the last stage well.

Many big brands give more importance in first part that means ‘Interest Phase’. 

Another drawback for working on the third part is if you will target buying keywords then you will reach your desired market. Remember nowadays Google likes informational content. 

So the best practice is that in the beginning of SEO of a website target some content with an informational keyword. Because if your content is not coming with some problem-solving attitude then you cannot create customer engagement.

Make 80% of content based on user’s need and 20% content in sale promotions.

Now another mistake you should avoid is that after creating content, not post content on the blog page, just post the content on its service page and try to rank the service page, not blog pages.

If you analysis any website then you must come to know that most of well performed seo site service pages get ranked. Another piece of advice is that create ‘internal backlinks’ between the service pages and as an SEO professional you may follow ‘silo architecture’. 

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So if you find the user need related to your client’s business and create content according to that then it will definitely help you a lot.

As a SEO professional if you successfully create buyer interest and buyer research oriented content then it will a prove to a successful content strategy.

So SEO for a business website is not so easy today but it is not impossible. If you properly plan the SEO strategy, content planning and catch the buyer’s intention positively then you will properly rank a website in long run. 

SEO does not mean only paid campaigning.

As a SEO professional it is your duty to convince your client about organically rank the website. 

If they agree there are two benefits. 

The first one is site will organically get traffic and another point is that this work will last for a minimum of 3 to 6 months to getting result.

After branding and organic reach concentrate on paid traffic.

Conclusion: In the final words concentrate on organic traffic, never mislead your client, and lastly don’t concentrate only on sales or conversion.