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Digital Marketing is one of the most effective ways to get a more targeted audience, drive traffic to your website, and at last make a sale. If you are a small entrepreneur or recently launch a startup then I can guide you on how you can make a digital marketing strategy for small businesses in 2024.

Marketing is such a field where the competition is increasing day by day. To compete in this tough time you have to create effective marketing plans that will beneficial for you. But before creating any plan or digital marketing strategy ask yourself some question:

  1. Do you think digital marketing really helps you or you just follow your other competitors?
  2. How much money do you want to spend on this marketing?
  3. How long you want to invest?
  4. What will be the approximate time that you can wait to see the return on investment?

Now I can explain the answer to the questions one by one. 

You must know that without advertising your business will not expect as high as you deserved. Clients coming from the old contacts or reference is not the all. You need to increase the number of clients from different sources and different locations. 

If your business in Kolkata and you suddenly come to know that the product you produce has a huge demand in Gujrat then what you can do? Then you just go to Gujrat, set up an office, and make an advertisement in a local newspaper or channels? 

It is not a very cost-effective and practical way. With the help of digital marketing, you can easily find out your product demand in a particular location or state in this country or abroad. After that create an effective ad campaign and target this particular place or people. 

No doubt it is not very costly side by side you can create the advertisement just sitting in your home and monitor the ad campaign. When the conversion takes place just deliver the product through courier. 

This is not all. With the help of digital marketing, you make a brand building. If your brand is new in the market so you must promote the brand and make it popular in the digital world. It will build trust, reputation, and help you to make the conversion.

If you target Gujrat or any part of the county where your product has huge demand, you can target this place or people and make effective promotion and branding which will fruitful to you in near future.

I hope you can understand the importance of digital marketing in your business.

Now the second question arises how much money do you want to spend on this marketing?

Digital Marketing is a continuous process. You have to invest a standard amount of money on a long-term basis which will give you effective results. The amount of spending money for this depends on your goal. 

First of all, you should start a brand promotion, then do some social media optimization, blog creation. After a few months go for an ad campaign. Without creating brand promotion whatever product you have or how much spent on ad campaign you will not see the desired result.

So for the first few months, 100% cost will involve in brand promotion after that 30% cost will be spent on branding, and the rest of 70% cost will be spent on a paid campaigns.

Now answer the next question How long you want to invest? is as under –

You have to invest at least six months in digital marketing primarily. First 2-3 months in branding then next 4-6 in branding plus paid promotion.

Now coming to the next segment I will suggest some digital marketing strategy in 2024:

1. Create great content for Digital Marketing:

By getting more awareness, leads, and sales in your business you have to create great content with some tremendous values. Google loves content. That content should be unique. Content will also solve customer problems or help the customer queries. 

So when you write content in your blog always keep in mind that content should answer customer need or queries side by side it will inform the customer about your product or services. 

Many companies develop content only for their product promotion. But if you won’t stand in long run you have to create customer awareness or informational content. Keep in mind that you are in Marathon not in a sprint.

If you not capable of doing this you can hire any agencies or hire any individual from an online marketplace like or They will do the keyword research and create some best evergreen content for your business.

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2. Digital Marketing Strategy – Create Social Ads

How much time do you spend on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin in a day? You must assume what I am trying to tell you. 

Creating social media profiles and run social ads is another very effective way for online advertisement. Just figure out which social media platform is good for your business. Then create an effective social media profile. After that run ads in this profile.

Always active in your social media profile. Post updates in social media profiles with some attractive infographics or content. 

You can also hire any agencies for social media marketing or individual for getting some professional touch. 

3. Start Email Marketing

Once you gather your customer information through paid promotion then start email marketing. Email your customer at regular intervals and inform them about new products or services or any other useful information what they will generally look for.

This way you can make customer engagement. When you have a huge client email database then you can easily make it. 

If your email marketing gives you effective results then you can minimize the paid promotion budget.

There are lots of email marketing sites are available. But I personally recommend Mailchimp for email marketing for their unique features. 

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Conclusion: This is just an overview of the digital marketing strategy for small business in 2024. There are lots of other factors involved in formulating a proper digital marketing strategy. But if you follow the above recommendations for a few months you will definitely see the improvement in your digital journey.