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After COVID-19, the online scenario has changed. More people come online. People need to upgrade and learn new skills to sustain their careers. Here is a list of the top 12 in-demand skills in 2024 that can help you grow your career.

1. Facebook Ads

Businesses need lead. Whatever the business you have you need genuine customers. So that visitors can turn into paying customers.

Here the importance of Facebook Ads comes into place. The total number of users on Facebook is 2.934 billion

So if you are running any product or service-based business then setting up good Facebook ads takes an important role no doubt.

Learning Facebook ads is equally important for business owners as well as professionals. Facebook ads can generate leads, collect emails, retarget most potential buyers, help to grow your audience, and so on.

But before all of that, proper learning is a must. You can learn Facebook Ads in two ways. Number one is FREE ways and number two is paid ways.

Free ways of learning included reading blogs, and books, and watching tutorials on Youtube.

Paid ways are buying a course from various authentic platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, etc…

But whatever the source of learning you have the main thing is implementing. Before doing any jobs for your client just invest some money in Facebook ads for your own business or only for learning. Only watching videos or buying courses is not the only way for learning. 

Best Youtube Channel to learn: Simplilearn  

Best Paid Course to learn (Udemy): Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 2022 | Coursenvy ®

Time to Learn: Minimum 1 Month

Income Potentiality: Huge

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2. SEO

When the traffic is increasing then competition is also increasing. To stand in the competition and increase the visibility of your brand you need to learn SEO.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. In earlier days SEO means creating lots of backlinks and doing lots of directory submissions. 

But nowadays SEO is different. Today SEO is content-driven. 

Content comes in 3 types, video, image & written.

Many people say that video content has a better rate of conversion. But it all depends on understanding and niches.

If you are serious about learning SEO then as I said above there are freeways as well as paid ways are also available.

You can follow some SEO gurus like Neil Patel and Brian Dean for the best & updated information. You can also read blogs like Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Semrush blog, etc…

But as I mentioned earlier like Facebook Ads it is more about doing than learning. 

My suggestion is that just run a blog site and publish content according to your interest. I think this is the best way to learn SEO if you are a beginner.

Best Youtube Channel to learn: SEO Unlock by Neil Patel

Best Paid Course to learn (Udemy): The Ultimate SEO Training 2024 + SEO For WordPress Websites by Joshua George

Time to Learn: Lifelong

Income Potentiality: Huge

3. Social Media Marketing

This is also part of SEO. You can specialize in this field and earn lots of money.

Before validating any skill just go to the skill marketplace like Fiverr and Upwork and search which skill is most in demand. 

If you go to a marketplace like Fiverr and search Social Media Marketing then you will find there are 8,102 services available. 

On Fiverr, the top-rated freelancer charged around $200 for just maintaining 1 social media platform.

If you want to be a social media marketing expert then you must learn how to manage the following platforms at least:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest

The better thing is that after learning these skills, create your brand and implement it. When your social media platforms will grow then you can approach the client. You can also show your own social media profile as a portfolio.

One thing is that if you learn all those skills and then approach the client then it takes time. So my suggestion is that learn only one social media site, gain the expertise and sell this service to a client.

When you get the client for this social media maintenance say, Facebook maintenance then learn the rest of the platforms side by side.

Best Youtube Channel to learn: Social Media Marketing Course 2024 | Social Media Marketing | Simplilearn

Best Paid Course to learn (Udemy): Find various courses on Udemy or Skillshare

Time to Learn: Lifelong

Income Potentiality: Huge

4. Social Media Management

There are 121,353 services available in social media management. So you must assume the importance of this subject. 

This is a huge task, you need a solid team to scale your service and it should take time.

If you are a newbie so my advice is that just learn how to maintain 1 social media platform. Then find some clients, earn something and learn another platform, create your team, and at last scale your business.

One thing you should know is that earning from the internet is not a quick rich scheme. It takes lots of patience, consistency, and a proper goal. 

Social media management is a combination of many skills. You can learn this skill from Youtube or blogs or buy any good course.

Youtube channels and paid courses are the same as above.

5. Web Designing

This is one of the old skills but is still high in demand. If you love to create graphics then you can learn this skill.

There are two segments of this skill. One is only learning web designing and another is web development.

Depending on your interest choose this skill. 

This skill also has high-income potential. If you search on Fiverr then you will find 30,659 professionals available with these skills. 

One of the drawbacks is that this skill has no recurring payments. If you run Facebook ads then you will get paid until and unless the ads are running. But if any client buys these services from you then there are fewer opportunities for recurring earnings.

Best Youtube Channel to learn: FREE Web Design Course by Flux Academy

Best Paid Course to learn (Udemy): Webflow Essentials Course by Daniel Walter Scott

Time to Learn: 6 months

Income Potentiality: Good

6. Funnel Building (one of the best in-demand skills)

This is a new set of skills. The above mention skills are already in the market and you will find lots of professionals there. But compared to the above this skill is comparatively new.

Funnel Building is a system that can help you or your client to generate leads.

It consists of other skills. Like copywriting, funnel page design, email automation setup, runs Facebook Ads or Google Ads

So if you are a newbie then my suggestion is that first learn funnel design then sell this service side by side and learn the other services related to that skills. 

When you get some clients sell them your other service. This can create a continuous source of earnings.

This skill has superb income opportunities. If you create an effective funnel for your client then you can charge even $1,000 for this. Not only that you can also earn monthly income from your client for maintaining this funnel.

Like others, you can learn this skill from Youtube, blogs, or paid courses also.

Best Youtube Channel to learn: ClickFunnels Tutorial For Beginners 2024 by Metics Media

Best Paid Course to learn (Udemy): Clickfunnels & Sales Funnels MASTERY in 2024 + FREE Funnels! by Kevin David

Time to Learn: Lifelong

Income Potentiality: Huge

7. Landing Page Design

Like funnel design or web design, landing page design is also in high demand. A landing page is a page that can use to generate a sale.

Most of the landing pages have an obtain a form that can help the seller to collect the email of buyers. A landing page also has an offer section and a testimonials section. 

If you want to create a successful landing page then apart from the design you must have basic knowledge of WordPress page builders like Elementor or Divi.

Because if you create a good-looking landing page then the client wants someone to make this page functional. So if you know WordPress, Divi, or Elementor page builders then you can create a fully functional landing page.

This is also a one-time selling skill. But if you want to earn more from that skill, you can also offer Facebook or Google ads services to your client or you can offer them social media marketing services.

This way you can earn recurring income from your clients.

Best Youtube Channel to learn: Landing Page Tutorial by Flux Academy

Best Paid Course to learn (Udemy): Landing Page Design & Conversion Rate Optimization 2018 Isaac Rudansky

Time to Learn: 6 Months

Income Potentiality: Good

8. Google Ads

We all know the potentiality of Google Ads. If anyone needs to target a specific customer then Google ads are the best options.

Creating or managing a proper Google ad can increase the business ROI. 

You can learn this skill on Youtube or blog or you can buy courses for this.

But this is also more about implementing rather than learning.

If you form any agency & run Google ads for your own is the best way of learning.

No doubt if you are a beginner then you will lose some money for this learning but this is the best way of learning Google ads. This is not a waste of money rather it is an investment in learning. 

When you master this skill you can create an ad campaign for your client and charge them separately for maintaining the ad campaign.

Best Youtube Channel to learn: Google Ads Tutorial 2024 by Metics Media

Best Paid Course to learn (Udemy): Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021: Profit with Pay Per Click by Isaac Rudansky

Time to Learn: 6 Months

Income Potentiality: Good

9. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is also a very important skill. It can generate leads, and increase traffics. 

Creating a proper email marketing campaign consists of other skills also. 

You must know how to get a targeted email list for your customer, you must know copywriting skills for this, you can handle email marketing software on behalf of your client, and you can create email sequences for your clients for this. These skills are part of email marketing. 

So it is undoubtedly said that learning all those skills takes time. 

You can learn this from Youtube videos, blogs, or paid courses. 

But whatever you learn implement this first in your own business then when you will get success then implement it in other’s businesses.

Best Youtube Channel to learn: MailChimp Email Marketing for Beginners – FULL COURSE by Azharul Rafy 

Best Paid Course to learn (Udemy): Email Marketing – Copywriting and Growing Your E-mail Lists by Jun Wu – Social Media Influencer

Time to Learn: 6 Months

Income Potentiality: Good

10. Copywriting

The most demanding skill in the market. Many content writer claim that they know copywriting but this is different than normal content writing.

If you like to write content or you have some knowledge in content writing then you must try to learn this skill.

If you properly learn to Copywrite then you can earn lots of money from affiliate marketing also.

Best Youtube Channel to learn: Practical Copywriting Course for Beginners [FREE COURSE] by Mike Nardi

Best Paid Course to learn (Udemy): The Complete Copywriting Course: Write to Sell Like a Pro by Codestars by Rob Percival, Tamsin Henderson, Rob Percival

Time to Learn: Lifelong

Income Potentiality: Huge

11. Content Creation

In modern-day SEO, content is high in demand. Creating engaging content is everybody’s need.

So you can start your career as a content writer. 

It has good income opportunities also.

Best Youtube Channel to learn: Free Content Writing Tutorial for Beginners by Henry Harvin

Best Paid Course to learn (Udemy): The Content Writing Course by Paul Jenkins

Time to Learn: Lifelong

Income Potentiality: Huge

12. Sales Video

Video content rocks. Today most people love to watch videos.

You can also start your career in creating sales videos.

This is also a new skill and high-income potentiality.

First of all, try to create a normal video then create a sales video.

Best Youtube Channel to learn: How to Perfect Your Sales Process and Increase Sales FAST! by Jordan Platten

Best Paid Course to learn (Udemy):

Time to Learn: Lifelong

Income Potentiality: Huge

Conclusion: The above mention skills are most of the freelancing skills. If you start your career as a freelancer then learn these most in-demand skills in 2024. Also, keep in mind that learning a new skill like funnel building or sales video creation because it has less competition. Another thing is that learning those skills has recurring income opportunities. So start learning, implementing, and then earning. 

What skills are in high demand today?

Top skills in demand in the workforce
• Facebooks ads
• Social Media Marketing
• Social Media Management
• Web Designing
• Funnel Building
• Landing Page Design
• Google Ads
• Email Marketing 
• Copywriting
• Content Creation
• Sales Video

Which skill is most in demand in 2024?

Top in-demand skills
• Funnel Building
• Copywriting
• Sales Video
• Facebooks ads
• Google Ads