How To Improve Your SEO On Google: Practical Guide | Bharati Technologies 2024

If you want to improve your SEO score on Google then this article will surely help you. Nowadays seo is not so easy but improve website seo score in Google is not impossible.

First of all, you should aware of the latest changes announced by Google. For this purpose you can frequently visit the below resources link:

Apart from this, there are some websites that deal with a great amount of information. 

  • Search Engine Journal
  • Ahref
  • Neil Patel
  • Moz
  • Yoast

Visiting this blog on a regular basis is sure to help you to boost your knowledge.

Now you want to check your site seo score. For these purposes you must visit the link mention below:

  • Ubbersuggest
  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush

These are the most amazing website from where you can check your site seo score. Ahrefs and Semrush are paid tools but you can easily take their 14 days free service subscription.

The next most important things are competitive analysis. Find the website which is providing the same kind of services or a product like you and ranked on Google’s first page.

Then an analysis of these websites through the above mention tools and easily find out from where they got the backlinks, their top keywords, and their top-ranking pages. 

These competitive study helps you a lot to find out the shortfalls in your website. It will help you to formulate your strategy on how to improve your website seo score.

We know that seo has two different parts: On-Page optimization and Off-Page optimization.

Here I am discussing some tips about On-Page optimization practices which can help you to increase your site seo score.


Improve your seo by site navigation structure:

Google always wants to deliver the best search result to its user. That User Experience (UX) take an important role in it. 

If the user could not find content for what they landed on that website they will leave the website quickly. This way the bounce rate of the website is increasing. 

Creating a good navigation structure on the website is obviously helps the visitor to stay long on a website. That way the bounce rate will be decreasing.

For that purpose, many websites are using silo architecture which is good for website visitors and site owners also. 

Write a great piece of content:

Content is everything nowadays. Producing great content leads by the intensive study. 

Do proper keyword research which is very helpful in your content writing. Try to pick the longtail keyword to quick ranking. 

Post regularly in your blog. Update the old content at particular intervals. Include infographics, images or video will also make rich in your content.

Also, keep in mind that never publish duplicate content. It will impact negatively on your seo score. Google always like unique and quality content. 

If you hire someone to produce content always check their content is free from plagiarism or not. There are many websites from where you can check plagiarism.

Also, check the content readability score. According to Google if your content readability score is more than 60 then it will consider that it can be read by eighth-grade students. 

For the uniqueness of content, you should practice content gap analysis. This will help you to find out missing parts of the existing content and sometimes this part has a huge demand.

Create content based on this missing part will be more useful for your site. If your content quality is high you will get a good amount of visitors and your website bounce will be reduced as well. 

Improve your website loading time:

If your website is slow you will lose many visitors. The standard loading time of the website is 3 seconds. You have to check your website with these tools:

  • Google Pagespeed Insights
  • Gtmetrix

If you run your website in WordPress cms then you can easily use some cache plugin to speed up your website. Some of them are:

  • Hummingbird
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Breeze

You can also use a separate CDN (Content Delivery Network) for your website to minimize your loading time. Cloudflare is the most common name and cost-effective CDN service, provider. 

Increase Quality Backlinks:

Create backlinks with high DA, PA website. You can approach them directly for guest posting. Create comments on other websites. There are many ways to create backlinks. Every day make a habit to create backlink is no doubt a good habit.

Remove broken links

There are a number of tools that can help you to find out the broken links. If you are using WordPress then easily remove broken links through some plugins, like Broken Link Checker, Link Checker, etc..

Optimization for local search

Appearing your website in local search terms is a very important factor. First of all, you should find local search terms through Google Adwords Keyword Tools and find the keyword for which local visitors come to your website. 

Then optimize your pages with local keywords including the name of your city or town mention in the title and description. 

Also, create content for the local target audience.

Mobile User Experience

Today 96% of visitors come from mobile. So your website should look perfect on mobile.

If you are using WordPress then you can use a mobile-friendly theme which is perfect for your website mobile experience. There are also many WordPress plugins are available to properly optimize your website on mobile devices.  

In this regard website speed is an important factor. If your site is not loading on an android or ios device quickly then you may miss a huge amount of visitors. Side by side your website bounce rate will increase simultaneously. 

Voice search in SEO

Voice search is the future. To create your website keep in mind voice search. You can read this article for more information. 

Resource: Voice Search Optimization: 7 Ready-to-Use SEO Strategies to Rank Better

Conclusion: Improve your seo score is not a very easy task today. Producing quality content, improve website loading speed, increase the quality backlinks, Make a good mobile user experience is a very important factor. So be patient and keep working regularly must help to accomplish the result.