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Now you have installed WordPress and thinking about installing a plugin that is best for your blog. Here are some best WordPress plugins for blogs in 2024.

If you have any doubts about what is WordPress plugin and why it is important to use then the answer is: WordPress plugin is nothing but a PHP scripts that help to extend the WordPress functionality of a website. By using this plugin users can enhance WordPress website features and add new features to a website.

For the newbie blogger, it is not possible to use any paid plugin at the very beginning of their blogging journey. I am sharing details of some plugins that have a free version and they are very effective for a newbie blogger.

1. Best WordPress pluginsYoast SEO:

best wordpress seo
Yoast SEO

When you start your blogging journey it is not obvious that you should know every parameter of SEO. But with the help of this plugin, this task makes it easier than before.

When you post any content this plugin will indicate the on-page parameter of your content. 

By following the plugin you will successfully increase on-page parameters like readability, how content will show in the search result, content meta title, content meta description, post url etc.. 

You can also see the details SEO analysis overview for this content.

But before using this plugin you must install this and configure the plugin. If you authenticate the plugin you can easily access Google search console and Google analytics data from this plugin.

For a beginner in SEO, you can easily use it and get benefits in the on-page SEO of your website.

2. Best WordPress pluginsSite Kit by Google:

best wordpress seo
Site Kit by Google

If you want to access Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Page Speed Insights, Google Tag Manager, and Google Adsense from your WordPress website you can use this plugin.

This plugin is recommended by Google itself and the interesting fact is that this plugin is FREE.

By properly configuring the plugin you can see a small version of analytics, search console, and AdSense.

Similarly, this plugin indicates your website speed in their page speed insights sections. You can see which factors slow down your website and by using some other plugin you can increase the website speed.

You can also take benefits from Google tag managers. Google tag managers help you to create various sections for your site which can help you increase your website visibility.

3. Best WordPress pluginsHummingbird

best wordpress seo

When you use Google Site Kit and come to know about your website loading time from their Google page speed insights you may worried about your slow-loading website.

For this purpose you need to use this plugin.

This is a cache plugin that helps your website a lot to increase your website speed.

This plugin can help websites optimize website speed, enable website cache, minify CSS, and defer critical javascript.

Their gzip compression method make your website a fly. 

The main key features included in these plugins are scanning and fixing the website, introducing world-class cache services, generating performance reports for your website, details assets optimization of your website, improving your website score in Google page speed insights, Pingdom tools, GT Metrix, yslow and other similar types of website speed and performance analytics website.

4. Best WordPress pluginsWordfence Security

best wordpress seo

Nowadays wordpress websites are getting a huge threat of hacking. So it is necessary to install a security plugin for your website.

Wordfence is the most popular plugin for firewalls and security scanners.

Wordfence helps a website to protect firewalls and malicious traffic. 

This plugin is built and maintained by a large team. Like many other plugins, it has free and premium versions.

It has the following features – create and maintain WordPress firewall environment, introduce and secure by WordPress security scanner, enable login security, wordfence central, and security tools.

Another very good feature is ‘Two-factor authentication’. This feature helps the user to log securely into their website.

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5. Best WordPress pluginsContact Form 7

best wordpress seo
Contact Form 7

Like many websites, your website must have a Contact Us page. On this page the website visitors may contact you through an email or call you directly.

Contact Form 7 helps you introduce a form feature where users fill in the data and you will get notified by email.

Contact Form 7 also helps you create different types of forms depending on various requirements.

If you want an apply now form page you can use it where the job seekers can upload and send their CVs to your email id.

This plugin or contact form supports Ajax-powered submitting, using Google Captcha, Akismet anti-spam filtering, and so on.

So what’s next just go to the plugin section. Install this plugin, configure the form use the custom shortcode, and paste the shortcode where you want to see the form.

6. AddToAny Share Buttons 

best wordpress seo
AddToAny Share Buttons

When you create a post in your WordPress blog, you want visitors must come to your website and share your post.

This is a very common desire for every blogger. For that, you need the ‘AddToAny share buttons plugin’.

This plugin helps websites to increase traffic and engagement. Their services include Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, WeChat, and more than 100 social media sites and applications.

This plugin has standard share buttons, floating share buttons, counters, follow buttons, image sharing buttons, vector share buttons, and custom share buttons.

It will also give full control to a user to put the share button position. Before content, after content, vertical floating, horizontal floating, as a shortcode or widgets anywhere as you wish.

You can also integrate Google Analytics for sharing analysis.

7. WP Sitemap Page

best wordpress seo
wp sitemap page

This plugin helps a website owner generate WordPress sitemap pages.

Remember this plugin cannot generate XML sitemap.

Just install this plugin from the WordPress plugin section and use a short code to display the list of the pages.

You can easily include posts, pages, categories, tags, archives, author and project in this sitemap page.

This page will help in your website SEO scores also.

8. Under Construction

best wordpress seo
under construction

You can easily create under construction page, maintenance page, coming soon page and landing page less than a minute by using this plugin.

If you want to work on your website and in that period if you want site looks under construction mode then this plugin in for you.

It’s premium version has varieties of templates which will help you to choose according to your need.

The comes with various option. Most important options are – under construction mode on or off, automatic end date or time, integrate Google analytics tracking code in this plugin, various themes available in premium version of this plugin.

9. UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore

best wordpress seo

Popular backup plugin for wordpress. It help user to automatically backups and store this backup files in remote user locations.

It is also very easy to restore the backup.

The base plugin is free. But like many other plugin they have premium version where lots of other facilities are available.

10. Simple Author Box

best wordpress seo
simple author box

It is a ideal plugin for blogger. Simple author box adds a box at the end of the post where author name, author gravatar, author description or bio fields are visible.

It also have 30 social profile fields on WordPress user profile screen.

From the Google latest EAT updates this author section is very much important for your website. So go and install this plugin.

Conclusion: The above mention plugin is the best WordPress plugins for blogs according to me. I personally use these plugin from couple of years and fully satisfy with it. All the plugins mentions above are free to use in spite they have their premium version. So I encourage reader of this post to use the above plugin for certain time and check the improvement in your website.

What are the best WordPress plugins?

1. Yoast SEO
2. Site Kit by Google
3. Hummingbird
4. Wordfence Security
5. Contact Form 7
6. AddToAny Share Buttons
7. WP Sitemap Pages
8. Under Construction
9. UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore
10. Simple Author Box

What are the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

Yoast SEO, By following the plugin you will successfully increase on-page parameters like readability, how content will show in search result, content meta title, content meta description, post url etc..

Which WordPress plugins should I install on my startup blog?

1. Yoast SEO
2. Site Kit by Google
3. Hummingbird
4. Wordfence Security
5. Contact Form 7