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Digital marketing is one of the best career options available today. No specific educational qualifications are required to start a career in digital marketing. But if you are good in English language, it will definitely put you a little ahead of them. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to learn digital marketing & How do you start a career in digital marketing?

What exactly is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is an advertisement process to promote your product or services in digital channels such as website, social media, search engine, emails and mobile apps.

You can learn digital marketing in two ways. Get admission to a certain course at a designated institute. Or learn from a variety of video tutorials online or a read blog tutorial.

If you want to take admission in a digital marketing course in an institute, you must know a few things well before that. They are – 1. What is including in the course? The following must be included in the course to learn relevant digital marketing:

  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Content Writing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • PPC Marketing

Make sure the course is up to date. Because digital marketing is a subject that changes every day. So all the courses that cover those new subjects should be encouraged. You have to see how many days of a week there are practical classes in it.

Then an important issue is the course fee? Can course fee be paid through installment? There are many such institutes who give laptops along with the course. Many again show students the temptation of a fully furnished ac classroom. In this case, keep in mind that you have just gone to learn.

Then comes the matter of getting a job. There are many such institutes who write ‘sure job guaranteed’ in their advertisements. They either arrange a job in their organization or in another organization. But after a few days, either overwork, very low salary or any other reason is forced to leave the job. Since you have been offered a job once, the institute does not want to offer you a new job.

Then comes the real time. When you go to interview another company you can understand what you have learned and you can understand the true meaning of ‘sure job guarantee’.

In many cases, it is seen that you are working in the company from where you have done the course before. But they’re just stuck in a certain job. As a result, you are not able to learn anything new. If you can’t leave that job in 1-2 years, then both the opportunity to learn and the desire in you will gradually disappear.

There are many such institutes who say that they will make a website for their students for free. They will send you a specific link from which you will buy domain and hosting through your debit or credit card and they will help you to create a blog website. They will even pay off the cost of domain hosting from the course. Naturally you will be happy with them and you will have faith in them.

Now let me tell you the real thing. If you buy domain hosting through this link, it is a link to their affiliate. They will get commission from that website for that purchase. Which in many cases is more than the money that will be deducted from your account. Even if you renew that domain hosting when your course ends next year, they will get a commission again and it will continue.

This is the good and bad side of doing a digital marketing course from an institute. Now let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of learning digital marketing on your own.

How do I start a career in digital marketing?

You must have seen it on YouTube or the name on YouTube is familiar to him. There are many types of Bangla, English, Hindi digital marketing tutorial videos available here. Most of these channels are run by an individual. If you subscribe to those channels, you can easily watch all the videos and get notifications when a new video is uploaded.

What are good ways to learn to become the best digital marketer?

Personally, all the youtubers I follow for digital marketing knowledge are:

Those who make videos in English:

  • Neel Patel (URL:
  • Pat flan (URL:
  • Brian Dean (URL:
  • ahrefts (URL:
  • Biva Technologies (URL:

People who like videos in Hindi:

  • Techno Vedanta (URL:
  • Web Beast (URL:
  • Ankur Agarwal (URL:
  • Pritam Nagrale (URL:
  • Kulwant Nagi (URL:
  • Deepak Kanakraju (URL:

Those who also make videos in Bengali:

  • Md Farooq Khan (URL:
  • Nasir Uddin Shamim (URL:
  • Lajuk Hasan (URL:
  • Tanvir Russell (URL:

In addition to this, there are many YouTuber’s and blogs whose videos or blogs, if you follow, you will undoubtedly learn a lot about digital marketing.

If you want to do a good digital marketing course at a low price, you can visit the udemy website. The course starts at Rs 500 here. However, all the courses here are in English. I have benefited a lot by buying a course myself. The course arrow link is: You can try this course once. The price of the course arrow today is only 420 rupees.

You can also take a course on free digital marketing from Google. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate from Google as Google Certified Digital Marketing. I have already done this course and I can say I am a Google Certified Digital Marketer.

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Conclusion: I hope I can give you an idea of ​​what you can do to start a digital marketing career. Being a digital marketer and having been in the web industry for 12 years, I would like to tell you that you should first watch the free course videos to form an idea about digital marketing. After that you should contact any institute. Be sure to check what is being taught there, what the market demand is. You must work in companies where you can learn and work in digital marketing. It is not that only one department remained closed. So it is very important to learn early in the career.

One thing to keep in mind is that as long as you are in the digital marketing field, you have to learn. But if you stop learning, you will fall behind.