The Ultimate Guide To Dental Digital Marketing Services In 2021 | Bharati Technologies

If you are running a dental clinic and facing much trouble getting new patients then, this article will definitely help you. Here I am discussing some cost-effective and easy methods for dental digital marketing services for getting more patients with the help of SEO.

Today most dentist professionals facing trouble getting new patients. After the post-covid19 situations, many patients are not available for certain reasons. 

So they must do some promotions or marketing for getting new patients and restore the connection with the old patients. 

Digital Marketing can help you a lot in this regard. How?

Digital Marketing is one of the cost-effective, specific target-oriented methods to getting niche-driven customers or patients. 

Today 73% of consumers start searching for dental clinics by using Google search and other leading search engines also. 

After the JIO revolutions in India most of the users using mobile to surf the web. 

Statista said the total number of users is 448.2 million in India (2020). 

So it is very easy to understand the importance of online traffic.

Now the questions arise how digital marketing can help you as dental professionals in this period.

Here I am telling you some cost-effective and easy ways which you lead as a dental professional can do it yourself.

My recommendations for Dental Digital Marketing services are:

1. Google My Business:

Google My Business is a free and easy-to-setup platform offer by Google. You can easily download the ‘Google My Business’ app from your android or ios app store and configure this. 

It will help you to show your dental clinic in ‘Google Map’ and ‘Google Near Me’ services. 

Not only that you can show offers and other promotional activities through this app.

You must invite your old patients to put their feedback in your Google My Business. This review helps you to build trust and reliability among the patients.

You can also create multiple locations of your clinic by using ‘Google My Business’.

You can see this video for more understanding:

2. Facebook Page Creation:

A Facebook business page is another free and very effective method to get engagement with your patients. 

If you have a Facebook personal account then you can create a Facebook page.

This Facebook page helps you to create trust and promote offers to your patients.

If you set a consultation form then patients or visitors can easily set an appointment through this page.

You can see this video tutorial for a detailed understanding of Facebook page creation:

3. Youtube Channel Creation:

There are lots of youtube channels, that sharing free advice about various types of dental disease. 

If you search ‘dental cleaning’ in the youtube search bar, then you can view a lot of videos that are showing.

So that you can create a youtube channel and share your knowledge with your viewer.

It will create trust and engagement with your patients cum viewer.

You can also promote some offers like ‘10% discount in Root Canal Treatment up to 28th February’ or something like that with your video.

You can create this video just using your phone or laptop. 

In the description of the video, mention every detail about your clinics like clinic location, clinic timing, services you offer, and an online appointment booking form with this. 

You can use Google Form for this appointment otherwise if you have a website then refer to your online appointment page on your website.

The steps mentioned above are totally free and you can do it yourself.

4. Retargeting:

You must familiar with this term. This term is used in marketing platforms. Now I tell you how you can retargeting with your existing patients and new patients also.

When someone comes to you for your professional help, you must collect some data from them. Like the name, mobile number, email, address, age, sex, etc…

Now when you start any offer or promotions contact them through mobile SMS or email, tell them that you are giving this offer for this time period.

You can also offer a ‘free dental checkup’ campaign to your existing customer or new customer and inform them through email or SMS.

You also attend some free dental checkup camps organized by some non-profit organizations. There you can promote your services or brand which will convert a genuine patient in due course of time.

For this purpose, you can use email marketing and SMS marketing methods.

You can hire any digital marketing professional to do this stuff.

5. Creating an effective website:

Today website takes an important role in internet marketing. 

Creating a website is the best way to promote a business like a dentist.

When you creating a ‘Google My Business’ listing you will get a free website.

But this website is not sufficient.

When you create a paid website you will get various options.

You can easily post-offer and services on this website.

If you create a ‘Blog Page’ then you can write useful information about various topics related to your subject. This page helps you organically grow traffic from various search engines.

The cost of creating a website is around Rs.5,000/- to Rs.10,000/- depending on various features. 

You can select us to create an attractive, useful website. Just go to the ‘Request a Quote’ or ‘Contact Us’ page fill the form or call us at our office mobile number.

Remember one thing, Domain name and hosting renewal expenses is yearly expenses. But creating a website is generally a one-time investment.

6. Google Ads:

You can post ads for your services in Google through Google Adwords. 

You can do it on your own or hire any digital marketing agency like us to set up, run and maintain an effective Google ad campaign.

The better is to appoint any professional digital marketing agencies for this. Because this ad has various type of parameter which involve detailed understanding otherwise you will drain some money.

If you appoint any agency they will deliver you effective leads of patients.

They can also create a landing page with your services. This landing page should include a contact form. When anyone fills this form you will get informed through email and communicate with him.

Apart from Google, Facebook also offers ad services. But it is not always fruitful. 

If you appoint any digital marketing services agency they can guide you on which ad platform is best for your business. Depending on the ad platform the budget and charges of the agency will be considered.

The cost is around Rs. 6000/- (Rs.200 per day basis) depending on keywords and demography.

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7. Do Organic SEO:

You must know the term SEO. If not I will give you the details.

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization. 

According to WikipediaSearch engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. [1] SEO targets unpaid traffic (known as “natural” or “organic” results) rather than direct traffic or paid traffic. Unpaid traffic may originate from different kinds of searches, including image search, video search, academic search,[2] news search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.” 

If you really want to get online traffic and online clients you must hire any digital marketing agency like us to establish your brand and promote your brand on various online platforms.

SEO has methods and techniques so it is not possible for you to do it on your own.

If you appoint any agency first of they will analyze the nature of the business, the characteristic of your business, business demography.

They will optimize your Google My Business, Facebook Page, and Youtube channel.

Generally, a digital marketing agency follows these tactics:

  • Pay-per-click advertisement campaign
  • Introduce Display Advertisment
  • Paid Social Media Campaign
  • Business Directory Listings
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing

They will create an online ecosystem to promote your services, creating an online appointment, and introduce some effective retargeting methods. 

They will help you to collect online reviews and ratings which is building trust and confidence among the patients.

They will properly highlight customer testimonials, your experience, your result of work.

You can also insist your old patient submit any ‘Video Testimonials’ for your services.

They will also help you to create an effective blog post with particular key terms.

After creating and all these measures they will go for Google ads campaign.

They can also promote your Google My Business through Google Adwords campaigning.

But it is always good for a business to optimize the organic search then go for paid promotions.

Remember one thing organic seo is a time-taking method. But it will very useful from in future perspective. 

You have the patience to see the organic results. It may take 3 months at least to rank your business with specific key terms.

The costing for Organic SEO starts from around Rs.5,000/- in each month depending on the job criteria.

Conclusions: After reading this article you must understand getting patients from the Internet not very hard. It depends on some tactics, strategy, and understanding of business needs. You can start steps by yourself or hire any professional agency for this. But if you want to get a good amount of patients from the online platform then it is advisable to hire any good digital marketing agency that provides dental digital marketing services and start your online journey.