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Website owners monetize their websites in various ways. Many of them use blogs for affiliate products. So they are using outbound links between the content is a common practice by website owners.

Now, google set the specific guidelines in Google Link Spam Updates in 2021

In this blog, I will explain to you how you can share the links and how you can deal with the commercial intended links, how you save your links to not become spam according to Google guidelines. 

What are Google Link Spam Updates?

It is common practice for website creators to use outbound links. These outbound links help websites to get better visibility in Google searches. Google shows the specific guidelines for how to use links without violating Google policies. 

Which sites get the impact of these updates?  

Affiliate Website: Using affiliate links in product blogs or product review pages is a common practice by the affiliate marketer. In this way, they can monetize their traffic. In general, using affiliate links for monetization has no offense. 

But nowadays Google asks the affiliate site owner to use the affiliate links with rel=”sponsored” attributes. If the link is created manually or automatically this real attribute should take place inside the link.

As a part of Google’s ongoing process, Google always wants to improve its ranking in product-related searches and give top priority to better high-quality content. 

When any sites fail to maintain these parameters Google takes manual actions to stop these links from appearing in specific searches. Finally, Google systems will take ‘algorithm actions’ against them. 

To avoid manual and algorithm actions it is better to avoid these kinds of links or include real attributes.

Sponsored and Guest Posting Website: Another common practice for the website is to create links by using sponsored and guest posting websites. Guest posting is a link-building method when a user writes an article about a particular niche and posts it on a guest posting website with embedded links. 

Nowadays when Google detects this type of links publishing and getting excessively from other websites like guest posting or sponsored websites but without proper links tags, then algorithmic and manual actions will be applied. 

According to SEJ, the guest post site link will be marked as rel=”nofollow” value.

How can you add these new ‘rel’ attributes?

If you are using ‘The wordPress’ cms framework then you can use ‘functions.php’ to add these attributes. Otherwise, if you are using a manual link you should edit the link one by one.

How much time will this update take place?

This update starts to roll out on 26th July 2021.

According to Google notification, this update will roll out in the next two weeks. It will identify and nullify link spam more broadly and it will affect multiple language websites also. Google also warns that sites that are using link spam will see the changes in search results after rolling out this update. 

The site owners should focus on and follow the best practices for generating links, for both incoming and outgoing links. 

Site owners should create high-quality content and improve the user experience which will win the rank as before. 

Google said to promote sites with appropriately tagged links and monetize with properly tagged affiliate links.  

Google already posted specific guidelines in the ‘Link Scheme’. Where Google clearly mentions that any link created to manipulate the page rank and affect the search result then this kind of link will be considered a violation of Google guidelines.

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Source Link: Google Search Central Blog